Road 58/FSR 1004

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600.08 ft


1.25 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

To eliminate confusion about the trail name, road 58 is a road that is in several areas of the national forest. It changes other names but if you just continue down this route and follow all the Road 58 signs it goes on for quite a while. It's an easy gravel road that leads to one of the most majestic and scenic camping spots in the Ozark National Forest. Devil's Knob sits at 2,277 feet and was at one point a fire lookout station. It still has the fire tower which has to be at least 500 feet in the air. It's absolutely stunning and a must-see if you travel this route. Old remints of a major fire camp are still standing including the foundations. In order to get to this location high clearance and 4x4 are required and the road is very technical. Once you spend some time at the fire tower you continue east. There is a marked trail that has a gate. I talked to the son of the property owner and he said if anyone wanted access to that road they had to talk with "Pa". Great people out in these areas, everyone waves at you while you're driving down the road. One of the attractions on this road is a side route Big Bee Ridge which is a 4x4 playground. Lots of primitive campsites with no running water or bathrooms. Lots of white oak and pine trees. The spring is turkey season so do be mindful to have an orange collar or vest on your furry friends. Cell service is attainable in certain areas but isn't that great. If you don't already know Arkansas is very humid and hot which means more bugs and snakes during the summer time so the national forests are better spent enjoying them during the spring, fall, and winter months.

Photos of Road 58/FSR 1004

Road 58/FSR 1004
Road 58/FSR 1004
Road 58/FSR 1004


Unless you are taking FSR 1432 to Devil's Knob, or Big Bee Ridge, road 58 is an easy gravel road. There are steep drop off's and is mostly a one-lane road with some pull-out areas.


Devil's Knob-

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Rob Chirpich
Apr 28, 2023
2022 Ford Bronco

Access Description

From Ozone, Arkansas take Highway 21 north then right at Road 58.

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