Morgan Mountain Road

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594.24 ft


1 Hours

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Morgan Mountain Trail runs through the Ozark National Forest near Cass, Arkansas. The road is accessible at several points along the route. This trail used to extend further, however, there was a landslide that caused a northern section of this trail to be closed. The western access road from CR215 is a very easy drive that is well maintained. This area of the road has several primitive camping areas. There is trail access point for the Ozark Highland trail, which is a popular hiking trail. The road also has multiple access points for other off-road trails in the area. The Northern section of the road has had issues with landslides and is closed at times for repair. The northern connecting roads are fairly well maintained and continue as an easy drive for most all vehicles. The road connects to Rd 33/5051.

Photos of Morgan Mountain Road

Morgan Mountain Road
Morgan Mountain Road
Morgan Mountain Road


This is a forest road that is well maintained and used very often. The road is temporarily closed between Lumpkin Creek trail and Beach Grove Trail due to a landslide that has covered the road. This cannot be bypassed at this time.

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Rob Chirpich
Apr 09, 2023
2022 Ford Bronco

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