Winding Connection

Total Miles


1,664.11 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Winding Connection is a winding two-track that is absolutely beautiful. Soft, winding and rolling, it dances on the edge of the mixed pine and Juniper forest and the open grassland of the Kaibab National Forest. Short but oh-so-sweet, it's a great connector for The Deuce trail, providing a Northern entrance/exit to the region. There are no obstacles on this trail, but you might be distracted by the sheer gorgeousness of the landscape.


This is a dirt or rocky road with gentle grades. The trail is safe for most 4WD and high-clearance 2WD vehicles. The roads are typically two vehicles wide.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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