The Not a Slot Canyon

Total Miles


449.37 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This older, less traveled trail runs back into the desert and almost seems to fade into nothing. There are sections where it follows the wash then crosses some more rigid earthen material where the track is not immediately apparent. It then picks up closer to the end, where it narrows so much that one must continue on foot. Via satellite, it would appear there is a slot canyon further down the wash you continue, but it never seems to narrow that much. So, not a slot canyon, but still an interesting narrow canyon. The canyon will narrow and prevent some vehicles from continuing. Be sure to stop to plan a turnaround when it starts getting tight for your rig. It's a narrow trail with deep washouts and a few short hill climbs with some longer sandy wash sections with tight turns. 2 bars of LTE.


Rated for some sandy deep wash sections, short hill climbs and narrow sections that may cause paint damage.

Technical Rating