Temple Trail North

Total Miles


1311.13 ft



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Best Time

spring, summer, fall, winter



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Trail Overview

This trail is really three trails from a terrain perspective so take a close look at the trail rating to understand the terrain you will encounter. The trail is actually a continuation of a previously submitted Temple Trail which detailed the southern portion of the trail from the Sawmill monument to the intersection with Navajo Trail turning northbound. In this section we complete the journey to Warner Valley outside of St. George. Included in the photos are both the north and south markers for this portion of the trail. This trail holds significance to much of the local population as it was used to haul up to 46' long beams from Mount Trumbull to St. George for the building of the Temple as well as other larger buildings. This was both an engineering and logistical feat in the 1870s to accomplish this over the rugged and hostile desert terrain. Having water for the workers and oxen along the trail as well as a path in this mountainous area is amazing. All of this should be considered as you take in the surrounding beauty. Of note, the most southerly portion of the actual trail has been reclaimed by the desert and following Tread Lightly principles the marked trail does stay to the worn road in this area.



Technical Rating