Southern Silt Bed/Muddy Bypass

Total Miles


415.52 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This fun route through the hills avoids the first lower section of the AZPT that crosses below. This section can become very muddy when wet or very silty when uber dry. This route is slightly more challenging as you traverse up and down the hills. Dive into bermed corners have a few short loose hill climbs and descents and some off-camber sections as well. Watch for sharp desert plants and sharp rocks on the trail that may cause sidewall damage. There are tons of Burros in the area and one may even spot a Bald Eagle soaring above. 2 bars LTE in and out.


Loose steep hill climbs, tight bermed corners that transition into steep hill climbs, some off-camber sections, and many sharp rocks.

Technical Rating