Sleeping Princess

Total Miles


1389.59 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

A challenging and scenic Jeep trail through the Black Mountains. Difficulty depends on direction driven and options chosen.This trail can be driven either way but we recommend starting in Golden Valley then running the main trail from north to south. This is in the downhill direction so you will not need full lockers, thus. We recommend lockers on both axles if going uphill. The real feature of this trail is a major hill that drops 1,000' in elevation with few chances to level out and catch your breath. There are long stretches with narrow, off camber shelf roads, several loose descents (or climbs), a couple short boulder fields and great scenery you have little time to look at. The trail as shown is 29 miles, but do not let that discourage you. If you begin in Golden Valley the first 5 miles are paved and the next 15 are graded enough to be quite smooth. This section does not have spectacular scenery but we found it enjoyable. Shortly after Willow Springs Ranch is Wayfarer's Inn. According to Offroad Passport this is said to have had bars across the opening back in the day and used as some kind of holding cell. The spray-painted writing on the door says "Eschew Against Dupery". Sleeping Princess begins at the end of the graded road and it is 2 miles along a ridge to the top of the major hill. Great views of Mohave Lake and Laughlin along the ridge. The next mile or so is a lot of fun but has a very high pucker factor if you do not like narrow, off camber shelf roads. If you are in a group, it is a good idea to send someone with a radio ahead to the next wide spot long enough for everyone to pull out for oncoming traffic. It is frequently a long way and this is no place to be backing up! At the bottom of the major hill is an optional loop on the left side of the trail called "Hell's Half Mile". It is really less than a quarter mile. A bunch of boulders cause this loop to be rated 8. There is an optional climb-over that is not meant for 4-door Jeeps, unless you like to "turtle". I speak from experience 10 years ago. The next optional loop on the right side of the trail is the 8 rated "Bob Miller Extension". The Extension is the south leg of the loop. Most will drive the north road first then do the Extension. There is a nasty drop followed by several ledges and boulder fields. You can double your fun by doing it in both directions. After the extension you can follow the track out to Highway 68. The heavily mined hill is interesting.


Off-camber trail with deep holes and large rocks that may exceed axle height. Expect erosion, loose rocks, sand, washes, shelves, and deep mud holes. Obstacles and ledges up to 6 feet, and near-vertical grades 12-14 feet tall. Potential for deep water crossings with strong currents. Caution: Vehicle damage and roll-overs are very possible.

Technical Rating