Sheer Wall Point

Total Miles


1391.32 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This longer, somewhat bumpy out-and-back trail leads through some open fields, and there are stunning wildflowers in springtime. The trail has short steep washes to navigate with soft sand. Also, some areas of this trail have noticeably rocky transitions and a few rock gardens. The views along the trail are outstanding, with the Vermilion Cliffs climbing high on the horizon. The end of the trail features one good camping spot. There are no other good dispersed campsite options along the rest of the trail. It's a long haul out to the end just to find out someone is already camped there. But the views are nice. A few bars of LTE Verizon cell service fade in and out. If you are looking for some good dispersed campsites, the eastern trails have way more options.


The trail has steep wash sections and some washouts. There are some sections of soft sand and of camber with tighter turns. Be careful in the rock gardens as the sharp rocks could make quick work of one's sidewalls.

Technical Rating