Rosedale Race Track

Total Miles


537.82 ft


0.2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Rosedale Race Track Is a really cool Race track loop in the middle of the desert, it's located in the Bureau of Land Management. property so its public access. At the beginning of this trail, there is a large staging area where you can park your trailers, camp, and stage for the race track. A four-wheel drive vehicle can make it to the race track, but the track itself is tight, with sharp corners and dips that are more suited for side-by-side and dirt bikes, but a built 4x4 could easily run the track. The track also runs through a wash and some sections are only big enough for a bike, use your best judgment when running this trail.


This trail is 4x4 only. No vehicles or SUVs. Expect sand, little hills, tight turns, and rocky terrain.

Technical Rating