Rocks, Mines, and Cactus

Total Miles


449.48 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trifecta of desert trails. This fun jaunt across the hills has plenty of off-camber sections with deep washouts that may easily claim a stock vehicle's bumper. Line choice must be made with care. There's a plethora of different mine locations and one just out of reach on the hill that appears to have a stone wall still. Can you spot it? Here's a clue, look for the tailings! As you pass over the saddle, you are rewarded with outstanding views of the valley below and the Mountains of Kofa to the West. If you are lucky, a few F22 raptors will buzz the deck and give you a show! Watch for sharp rocks and creosote bushes. Poor line choice could claim a tire or two. There are two bars of Verizon LTE service that fade in and out.


Sharp rocks and creosote bushes are narrow and will cause paint damage. Washes can be a little deeper and take a little negotiation in a lower vehicle to avoid contact with the ground.

Technical Rating