Rim Road East

Total Miles


2,356.73 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Like Rim Road West, Rim Road East offers tremendous views from atop the Mogollon Rim. Where RRW is passable by all vehicles, Rim Road East is slightly more technical due to erosion and will require higher ground clearance if traveling in a 2WD vehicle. This is an extremely serene route, and although it doesn't have the sheer cliffs like you'll experience on RRW, Rim Road East does offer amazing views of the Sitgreaves National Forest to the North and the White Mountain Apache Reservation to the South. Wildlife is abundant, so take your time with this route and keep an eye out for deer, elk, and maybe a rare glimpse at a black bear. The trail stops at a locked gate as the route enters White Mountain Apache Reservation roughly 2 miles after crossing Hwy 60. As always, be a steward of our public lands and national forests; practice Tread Lightly! principles.**Trail is blocked by locked gate where FS RD 300 passes into White Mountain Apache Reservation roughly 2 miles after crossing Hwy 60.


This route is an easy dirt and gravel mix with some small obstacles and washboard sections. Unlike Rim Road West where sedans can easily pass, Rim Road East will require more ground clearance. Make sure to be aware of the weather forecast as rain will likely require 4WD.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

kynzie shay
Jul 28, 2023
Leo Vascik
Jul 14, 2023
2019 Volvo XC60
Justin Flitton
Jul 10, 2023
Greg Schoenberg
Jun 30, 2023
Temporarily Closed
Closed Gate

Access Description

Heading East on Hwy 260, roughly 5 miles after passing the Mogollon Rim Visitor Center (on your right), turn right for FS RD 300.

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