Coon Creek Ruins

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1025.15 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The ancient Coon Creek Ruins cliff dwellings are not as large or as well preserved as many of the protected ruins throughout the West, but they are interesting, and they are available to be explored at any time.PLEASE be very careful not to cause any further damage to these delicate structures. This photo shows how fragile they are.This is an easy road to drive and a hike under a quarter-mile in length.There are cliff dwellings located in several of the rugged canyons in and near the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. They were built between 1280 and 1350 by the Salado people. The ones near here are collectively called the Cherry Creek Ruins.As you approach, the cliff containing the ruins is visible down in Coon Creek. They are on the northeast face of the left cliff.Park just off the road and follow the creek downstream toward the ruins. The gpx track extends all the way to the ruins, but the path is quite obvious. There is a slight scramble from the creek up to the ruins. This overview photo shows there are 2 individual walls and one main structure remaining.The main structure has 2 rooms. The upper room has no roof. The lower room likely had a second story.It appears the Salado built walls and then coated them with adobe.The lower room is the best-preserved area. Note the second-floor rafters protruding from the walls.


Narrow two tracks with rocks and washes

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