Ocotillo Adjacent Run

Total Miles


517.58 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is the route that connects up to the "Ocotillo Side Route" if traveling via Moto or ATV. Otherwise, you're taking the long way around. The section where the two trails "connect" is a strange desert jungle in a wash where some invasive vine appears to be claiming and taking over all the vegetation in the wash. It's a super narrow section to get through and very off-camber. The trail forks out near the end, and the right fork ends abruptly. The left fork becomes a more challenging trail with many steep transitions into and out of washes. There are boulders and narrow sections with some off-camber transitions. The trail ends at an old staked-off area that may have once been a mining claim. There's a small fire ring and a great camping spot with epic views. One bar of unusable Verizon LTE fades in and out.


Easy until the end of the trail, where it becomes steeper and looser with deep wash crossings and small ledges.

Technical Rating