Mud Springs

Total Miles


1,268.85 ft


6 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Mud Springs is a very bumpy, somewhat scratchy, quite challenging in-and-out Jeep trail. The challenging areas are a lot of fun with a well-equipped Jeep, but the bumpy road will turn off many people.This trail is just over 7 miles in and 7 miles back out. The first 4.5 miles before Mud Springs Hill is moderately difficult, but it is unrelentingly bumpy. Very slow going. The scenery is nice.The surface is what I call "rotten granite". Many small pebbles that are very slippery. Much easier to drive than to walk.There is one tippy spot, both going up and down. The view is great at the top of the hill.We made it over the hill and continued on with the intention of going the full 7 miles to the end. We went another mile and a half, came to another hill, and decided to quit 2.2 miles short of the end. The road was much more difficult than it was before Mud Springs Hill, and was much slower going. We could have made the hill where we turned around, but were tired of banging, thumping, and bumping. Jeepers that enjoy a challenge will likely continue to the end. We were 5.5 hours in and out without finishing the trail.

Photos of Mud Springs

Mud Springs
Mud Springs
Mud Springs


Mud Springs is a very bumpy, somewhat scratchy, quite challenging in-and-out Jeep trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Carolyn Wood
Mar 21, 2024
We didn’t have Internet service so we didn’t see the technical rating for the trail was a seven before we took off. We only made it a little more than halfway and decided to turn around because it was very rough and rocky and way too steep with huge loose boulders. We were in a mostly stock Honda Talon 1000. The views were beautiful though!

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