Log Corral Thrill Ride to the Beach

Total Miles


1107.76 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This very scenic run can vary in difficulty depending on the time of the year. A little bit of water running changes everything making the rocky spots a bit of a challenge for the minimally skilled. We took this run in March, and there was a little bit of water running in the Sycamore Creek and some flowing from the springs in the rock garden area. Only one vehicle did not have lockers, and she got a quick lesson in how to listen to your spotter and how to drive with two feet. It starts off meandering back and forth across the wash and river if flowing for a mile or two, and then takes a sharp turn right or north on the Log Corral Trail. This initially starts off very narrow, with shrubs lining the side of the trail. It is in illusion the width but plan of the potential for AZ pinstriping! A mile or so, you start to enter the rock garden, where the obstacles vary and can offer some real challenges. Most have two options, so you may want to get out and look because there is not enough room to turn around at any point in this area!! There are two natural springs flowing at just enough to make it tricky, and remember, wet sand can easily dig a pit. I found the vehicles which were running 12 PSI or less had little issue gripping, but those 15+ slide a bit. After the rock garden, you continue to twist and turn in a narrow trail with boulders to flex over or contort around, but this time you have trees also to watch out for. Shortly after this next mile or two, it opens up to a very beautiful scenic run of a dirt trail and rolls at times. If your sway bars are not disconnected by now, well, you're just going to feel as though you will tip over at any moment. After a few miles of climbing the hill, you'll see the Log Corral at the top; there is a gate just before it too. Kind of cool rustic history of the west. You will also have a stunning view of Bartlett Lake. Continue on, and there is another gate, but you can drive to a crossroads. You can easily miss it too. South goes around the lake, North goes into the hills, I think, but straight goes to a private feeling cove on the lake. This would be a great place to camp overnight. This is not a run to do alone, and I would advise high profile, lifted with lockers, but the skilled driver can do it with limited-slip differentials.


TIme of year cna change the challenge.

Technical Rating