Lake Powell View Loop

Total Miles


1,305.59 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a fun desert loop in Page, Arizona, that takes you out to a view of Lake Powell. It goes north from the dirt parking lot on Coppermine Road for 2 miles. Going counterclockwise from the south end, go past the RV park, and it's a red sandy track. Part of it is through a sandy wash between two sand banks. One spot has a ton of tumbleweeds in the track. It's fast and straight in the sand, but watch out for wash crossings when the trail suddenly dips down and back out. You can see out to the pink cliffs by Lake Powell as you're riding north, with big rock formations on the horizon. As you get near the canyon, the sand turns to slab rock, and you can stop at the view over the lake. You can go the same way on the way back, or you can take a parallel road for part of it, just to do something different. The parallel road is similar difficulty, made of sand, with lots of unmarked intersections.

Photos of Lake Powell View Loop

Lake Powell View Loop
Lake Powell View Loop
Lake Powell View Loop


This is an easy sand loop with no obstacles and only a couple of sections of slab slick rock.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Lynne Badegian
May 17, 2024
2020 Polaris General XP 4 1000
Fun exploring the sandy washes, their are road branches everywhere. OnX map really needs to be updated. There is a trailer park you go around that isn't on the OnX map, and so many side roads it's very hard to stay on "the path". Mostly the roads will come back around to it eventually. Once you get the the sandstone parts, it gets more difficult to follow as there are no cairns or signs to help keep you on the trail and the map is all you've got! It doesn't appear this trail gets used very much.

Access Description

Stage at the big dirt parking lot across from the RV park on Coppermine Road at the beginning of this track.

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