House Rock Loop

Total Miles


1967.82 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This well-maintained loop is a great access route to some spectacular hiking trails. More specifically, the Saddle Mountain Trailhead and the much shorter Triple Alcove Viewpoint. A few dispersed camping spots are sprinkled here and there with established fire rings. Most likely, there is more camping off some lesser-traveled cutover trails that crisscross the middle of the loop. The trail is mostly easy, with a few small water crossings in the springtime. There is no winter maintenance, and judging by how deep some of the ruts are, this trail could be complete muck when wet. The trial is only one car width for most of it, and some places are wider for passing oncoming traffic. A few bars of Verizon LTE cell service fade in and out through the valley. It's recommended to download offline maps before heading out into this remote area.


The trail is mostly one car wide with spots to allow oncoming traffic to pass. A few short hills and dips but nothing particularly difficult. Springtime snow melts water crossings are typically only a few inches deep.

Technical Rating