FS 635" The Locked Gate"

Total Miles


1,426.37 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This easy, two-lane, forest grader takes you all the way to a locked gate. It also is the main graded road and access to the area to get across the train tracks and gain access to all the other trails in the area. Beyond the locked gate appears to be access to Verde River but not via this point. Where this trail ends is at the beginning of the Prospect Point Trail, which appears to lead to a hiking, horse, or mountain biking trail that would provide access. The trail ends before the gate and full-size vehicles should heed the warning sign that a locked gate is 800 ft ahead. There really isn't any reason to continue past that sign. The trail begins in Arizona State Land Trust so be aware a permit is required for access. Past that it becomes a National Forest that is open to all of us for recreating. There are 3 bars of LTE cell service that fades to one near the end.


No winter maintenance may be impassable when muddy, mostly two cars wide and washboard.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Corey Hall
Feb 23, 2024
Corrine Carter
Jul 03, 2023
2011 Jeep Wrangler

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