Elk Cabin

Total Miles


2,208.11 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Elk Cabin is named for the cabin ruins that still exist near the middle of this trail. The areas surrounding and to the south of the cabin are large and flat, and would do well with camping. The main parts in that area are along a wash/runoff channel that is shaped and reshaped by the season's storms. The trail itself is a two-track that winds through the large ponderosa pine trees that populate this area of the Kaibab National Forest. As you had toward the South end of the trail, you'll encounter several wash crossings, lined with rock and large stones, some with steep and rough entrances and exits. This area is popular with hunters, and wild horses and elk inhabit the area year-round. There are no obstacles over 12" on this trail, though cell service is not consistent, so offline maps are recommended.


This is an uneven, rutted dirt trail with the potential for loose rocks and sandy washes. Water crossings are less than a foot deep. There is potential for mud holes and trail obstacles up to 12", including ledges and short, steep grades. Roads are typically one vehicle wide with places to pass.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

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