Ehrenberg to Diablo Pass

Total Miles


317.77 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This track crosses the Colorado River Indian Tribe Lands, so YOU NEED a CRIT sticker before riding this trail. You will travel from Ehrenberg, at the Colorado River, to Diablo Pass, going through the Plomosa Mountains. The CRIT sticker can be purchased at the CRIT office in Parker, AZ. It's $25 a year, and well worth the fee because if you're caught riding without it, they can confiscate your rig. This area of the desert in SW Arizona is a good place to see wild horses and burros and donkeys. You might also run across a coyote, a roadrunner, or see quail. It's always a good idea to be aware of rattlesnakes in this area. Diablo Pass will take you back to the east towards Quartzsite. Just south of Ehrenberg, be sure to check out the Ehrenberg Sandbowl OHV area. The trails in this area of AZ are numerous. If you're properly licensed (CRIT sticker and AZ sticker), you can ride for miles without seeing very many people. The desert is covered with multiple kinds of cacti, and if the monsoon rains happened, they might even be in bloom. Both lunch and fuel can be purchased in Ehrenberg. This track goes across the desert, where it's fairly flat. You will be in and out of washes, and then you cross the Plomosa Mountains. Bring a camera. Driftwood, cactus, and wildlife make great photos.


This is an easy trail. The only things to be aware of are changes in the trail due to heavy rains. Washes may have new obstacles that washed in, and areas of erosion may affect the trail.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Ehrenberg, take the Ehrenberg Parker Highway to Tom Wells Road and turn right. Follow Tom Wells to this trail. From Quartzsite, follow the Diablo Pass Trail just west of Quartzsite to this trail.