Devil's Dip Parallel

Total Miles


1679.17 ft


3.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

An easier Jeep trail parallel to Devil's Dip rock crawling trail can also be used to access Devil's Dip. Both Devil's Dip rock crawling trail and this one start at Exit 59 from I-40. Devil's Dip goes up the bottom of an unnamed wash, while this one follows easy roads higher above the same wash. Devil's Dip is also called "Serendipity". When Devil's Dip comes out of the rock crawling wash these two trails combine and become an exit. This easier trail runs parallel to the difficult Devil's Dip and actually crosses that trail two times. The two trails combine when Devil's Dip comes out of the wash, and there then are two choices for exits. The alternate exit has a short piece of wash with minor rock crawling and a couple of hills with lots of rocks. The main exit starts off with a narrow, tippy spot. The trail is steep and has quite a bit of erosion. The trail continues to climb until it reaches a saddle 1,200' higher than where you started back at the Interstate.


Off-camber trail with deep holes and large rocks that may exceed axle height. Expect erosion, loose rocks, sand, washes, shelves, and deep mud holes. Obstacles and ledges up to 5 feet, and near-vertical grades 8-10 feet tall. Potential for water crossings with strong currents. Caution: Vehicle damage and roll-overs are possible.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Start at Exit 59 and follow this track along a dirt road until you come to a wash. This wash is the beginning of the Devil's Dip rock crawling trail. Go up the wash to view the first obstacle on Devil's Dip. Keep going up the wash if you intend to do Devil's Dip, otherwise return to the dirt road and begin this parallel, easier, trail.