Clark Peak Loop

Total Miles


2898.15 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is at the top of Clark Peak with many camping spots and incredible views of the desert floor. The trail gets tighter the farther you go back into it and the back end loop is the hardest part of the trail with tight trees and some deep mud and mud ruts. If it's been raining I'd advise turning around before the loop unless you want to go mudding. There is a turn-off for Riggs lake which has a full campground and is a beautiful little lake stocked with fish. Take some time to enjoy it or camp along the lake. Farther up the trail there are a few camping spots right on the cliff where you can look out and see forever! Several hiking trailheads and spots to just chill. Very quiet part of the state we saw 2 people the whole time we were up there. The road itself is easy for high clearance and wide in several spots. I would recommend a 4-wheel drive the farther you go back. But for most, I would assume no issues with this trail. Plan to camp up here if you can it's quite a gem!


Road gets tighter the farther you go back. The back part of loop can be difficult if the ground is wet. Deep mud and ruts only on the back loop section. Rest of trail is typical dirt, small rock gardens nothing extreme.

Technical Rating


Access Description

366 turns into the trailhead.