Castle Dome Mine to Big Eye Mine

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450.22 ft



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Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail is accessed through the Yuma proving grounds open Naval Base. No gates or checkpoints, but signs state no stopping or parking. Informational kiosk for the Kofa Wilderness Range with a map and rules for the area is about 3 miles in on the right. Camping is permitted within 100 meters of the road. Lots of dispersed campsites can be found after passing the kiosk within the wilderness boundary lines. This trail runs close to the mountain range through the open desert. Mostly an easy grated road for the first 7 miles, RVs could be spotted in closer campsites up to this point. Beyond mile 7 the trail dips down into a wash with loose gravel and a few smaller rocks to navigate. Would recommend high clearance 4x4 and no trailers beyond this point. The trail continues out of the wash and is mostly well maintained. More remote dispersed campsites can be spotted along the route with stunning views of the mountains. Mature saguaros dot the landscape and watch for jumping cacti. The trail continues past this track another 3 miles and ends at a hike to a mine. 4x4 high clearance is required for the end of the trail. It has more rutted sections and crosses small washes.

Photos of Castle Dome Mine to Big Eye Mine

Castle Dome Mine to Big Eye Mine
Castle Dome Mine to Big Eye Mine
Castle Dome Mine to Big Eye Mine


Mostly easy but some deep washouts and steep trail sections make for a more difficult route with nowhere to easily turn around once the driver gets to these points.

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Aj Brown
Oct 22, 2023
2022 Ford Bronco

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