Bullock Trail

Total Miles


1773.82 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail takes the adventurer from Highway 89 through lots of dips and dives, loose rutted hill climbs, past an old stone structure known as a Limestone Kiln, and the trailhead for Limestone Lookout. This may have been the area where the stone came from, but evidence of limestone cutting has long since been covered by nature. Near Highway 89, there is a ton of dispersed camping spots with established fire rings. Most seem to have 1 to 2 bars of LTE. The closer to the highway you get, the more noise you will hear from the cement facility nearby. Most of the way to the Limestone Kiln is relatively easy, with some washouts and loose sections. Be aware of water diverting mounds as they can sneak up on you and G-out your suspensions if you are not paying attention. North of that, the trail becomes rutted out with off-camber sections and steep shelf roads. There are long steep rocky hill climbs with off-camber rocks and boulders. Juniper trees abound all over the place. The trail may be sloppy and impassable when wet.


No winter maintenance, off camber shelf road sections and long rocky rutted hill climbs.

Technical Rating