Broken Arrow

Total Miles


1397.75 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Broken Arrow is Sedona's quintessential off-road trail, offering unbeatable slick rock obstacles nestled among the towering red walls of the surrounding landscape. Many would argue this trail offers the best views in Sedona, which makes it popular for all types, including hikers, mountain bikers, and off-roaders. The grip of the rock and easy-to-follow track makes this one of the easiest trails on which to experience heart-pounding ascents, descents, and cross-axle ditches in relative safety. However, inattentive or careless driving can have significant consequences amidst the cliffs and large crevices on this trail. Pay attention, and you'll enjoy one of Arizona's best off-road tracks. In addition to steep ascents and descents, expect tight turns through trees, narrow trails which may require you to back up while meeting oncoming traffic, and large crevices that challenge approach and departure angles. The most significant obstacle, however, is the Devil's Staircase. This series of ledges requires a good amount of ground clearance and is packed with rocks and holes that add additional difficulty. The best path to follow is the well-worn track down the middle used by the Pink Jeeps, but beware, once on the track, you will likely slide down step by step, even when applying full brakes. Take it very slowly and only go down this obstacle with the flow of traffic. The entrance to this trail is a neighborhood, so do not air up or down at the trailhead and avoid creating excessive noise on your way to the trail. There is not a lot of parking available, so it also isn't recommended for unlicensed vehicles. Finally, this trail is exceptionally popular with enthusiasts and heavily used by tour companies. Please be respectful and allow tour companies to pass whenever possible; they ARE faster than you. Take special care when stopping or parking that you are out of the way and allowing room for other rigs.


This is a real 4-wheel-drive trail, although the ledges are manageable with careful tire placement. By far the toughest spot is "The Steps." They require very high ground clearance. The most aggressive stock SUVs can do them, but most stock vehicles will bottom out, so skid plates are recommended. Trail is very narrow and backing is sometimes required to pass. Not recommended for extra wide and extra long vehicles.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the roundabout at the intersection of Highways 89A and 179 in Sedona, drive south 1.4 miles on 179 to the Morgan Road roundabout. Head east on paved Morgan Road 0.5 miles, then continue straight on dirt road to start.