BLM Route 7125

Total Miles


1980.95 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This is an unnamed and unmarked dirt trail that is the width of a narrow road, with sharp loose small rocks, huge washouts, rain ruts, and lots of very off-camber sections. This trail would be very difficult for an ATV due to so many very off-camber sections. Winter is probably the best time to visit to avoid the summer heat, but since you get into some higher elevations there is still potential for snow in winter and some snowy sections in the shaded parts of the hills. The trail starts out of a residential area and peels off of another jeep road. It's not marked at the beginning, but there is a numbered trail sign halfway through at a bailout. The trail goes up and down and around lots of hills in a pine tree forest on the side of the mountain the whole way. It's lined with pine trees and tall bushes and some low branches sticking out. It has views of the Hualapai mountains scattered with snow in the winter. There are lots of washouts throughout the entire trail and these are often several feet deep. The trail isn't that exposed to the side of the mountain but would have some exposure risk for an ATV when crossing the off-camber sections. There is a steep decomposed granite climb on the south end of the trail which is very loose and difficult. If you keep going for 3.9 miles, the trail dead ends at a fence with a not-very big turn-around spot, making this an out and back. There are a couple of spurs off the trail that look like they will be a bailout down the side of the mountain, but are actually also dead ends. The only way off the mountain other than just going all the way back is to take the unmarked trail that heads down the mountain when you see the trail sign for number 7125. This trail doesn't actually connect to anything and is outside of the nearby Hualapai Mountain Off-Road Park. There isn't really a point to drive this trail unless you want a challenge and need something new to ride.


Several loose rock and off-camber sections, and steep climbs throughout the trail make this a difficult route.

Technical Rating