ATV 7178

Total Miles


1,905.13 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

ATV Trail 7178 is a difficult two-track in the Hualapai Mountain Off-Road Park located near Kingman, AZ. It's a winding shelfy ATV trail with lots of small rocks, decomposed granite, wash outs, rain ruts, bigger rocks in the trail, a couple of rock obstacles, and several off-camber sections. The loose rock and off- camber sections make it a difficult trail for an ATV or a 50" UTV. The west end of the trail departs from a jeep road and starts up a loose climb, then it winds up and over the saddle of a mountain and back down the other side. There are several switchbacks, tight rocky turns, and wash outs. On the backside of the trail, it intersects with trail 7178C, which is very faint and has been washed out, possibly making it impassable. There are a couple of small rock obstacles that could be difficult for an ATV. The beginning of the trail has beautiful views of the pine tree-covered Hualapai mountains and valleys below you. The view on the second half of the trail changes to grassier lower elevation mountains covered in ground brush and some red rocks. The trail ends in a wide sandy wash where you can connect to ATV trail 7180, which is a very challenging ATV route. At the end of the trail you can also take BLM Route 7178 east towards Blake Ranch Road, but this is also a challenging 4x4 route full of rock slab ledges at the bottom of a dry riverbed.

Photos of ATV 7178

ATV 7178
ATV 7178
ATV 7178


The loose rock and off-camber sections make it a difficult trail for an ATV or a 50" UTV.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

This trail is part of a greater trail system inside the Hualapai Mountain Off Road Park consisting of jeep trails and ATV trails, accessed off of the DW Ranch Road exit from I-40. There is a small staging area and picnic area on the jeep road before the ATV trails begins.

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