Ascent from Peppersauce Canyon

Total Miles


1704.86 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This route kicks off in the wooded, lower elevations of Peppersauce Canyon, northeast of Tucson, Arizona. It is a primitive, yet well-traveled two-track that runs parallel to a wash, westward into the Catalina Mountains. This forest road features shade and scenery, multiple small stream crossings, and several primitive, dispersed campsites before it descends the hillside out of the canyon. This track terminates at a spacious junction, located on a saddle about halfway up the mountain. From this point, drivers can choose to reverse course or explore two adjoining routes. This is recommended for a low-elevation, scenic drive through a shady and wooded section of Coronado National Forest, and also for dispersed camping opportunities. This is a relatively popular area outside of the city, so you will likely encounter hikers, campers, and other four-wheel drive vehicles.


It is suitable for most stock four-wheel drive vehicles with decent ground clearance from the factory, although there are a couple of technical rocky sections, and eroded washes which might require careful negotiation. The track crosses a very small stream at multiple points, a little more than 2" deep, but flow and volume may increase or decrease depending on weather conditions.

Technical Rating


Access Description

To get there, set GPS navigation to "Peppersauce Campground", which is a developed, forest service campground located directly across FR38 from the Peppersauce Trailhead.