Antelope Wash

Total Miles


1,624.52 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Antelope Wash is a beautiful trail that meanders across the high grassland and mixed forest of the Kaibab National Forest. With numerous rocky, steep, and off-camber wash crossings, this trail may prove challenging during the summer monsoon months, so caution is urged. The washes are typically filled with rock and erosion is present. As you wander through the mixed pine sections of the forest, you'll want to take care, as the trees are narrow and turns tend to be tight. The grass meadows are vast and open, so if you're lucky you'll see Antelope (as seen in the pictures) as well as deer, and the occasional coyote. Overall this is a great trail to get acquainted with the habits of the Northern Arizona trail system, as it has many of the features that are present on most of the trails in the area. MudRocky


This is a dirt and rocky road, typically unmaintained after rain or snow. You may encounter shallow water crossings and obstacles under 12" on the trail, including small ledges. Roads are typically one to two vehicles wide.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Corrine Carter
Jun 17, 2023
2011 Jeep Wrangler

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