Henderson Flat

Total Miles


1511.65 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail is a one-way in (13 mi) and one-way out through Pinyon-Juniper woodlands. Drive along this two-track road (FR 181) and see wildlife; wildflowers (spring) in the Rafael Fire scar (2021); small canyons; red-rock escarpments; a historic ranch cabin; and good views. The road ends at the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness boundary with great views of Woodchute Mtn (Arizona's Black Hills) to the south; "Arizona's other red rocks" at the mouth of Sycamore Canyon to the north; and opportunities for dispersed camping. This is a good launching point for hikers & backpackers into the wilderness. With a little effort on foot from the end of the road, you might discover historic cliff dwellings and more spectacular views of the wilderness.


Most of this trail is described by the easy categories and can be done with a stock 4WD vehicle. However, there are several streambed crossings that have eroded in summer rains following the Rafael Fire in 2021. These crossings have exposed some deep ruts, large rocks, and small rock shelves. The Intermediate 5 rating is due to potential changes in road conditions and/or inexperienced off-road drivers negotiating the streambed crossings, short/few sections of steep grades, and short section of the trail along a canyon ledge. Potential exists for further erosion and difficulty as road conditions may deteriorate in wet weather. Deep and swift running water is possible during and immediately following summer monsoon storms in the area or uphill from the area, even if it's not raining on the trail. This country has the potential for flash flooding in heavy rains. Check weather forecasts and be prepared to wait it out on high ground: there is ample opportunity along the trail to stay out of streambeds.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Access to the Henderson Flat trail (FR 181) is via the Perkinsville Rd from Chino Valley (CR 70), Williams (CR 173/71), or Jerome (CR 72).