151 Spring Shelf

Total Miles


1966.32 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

151 Spring Shelf is a road carved into the side of numerous hills in Prescott Valley. A shelf road, erosion hasn't claimed this trail just yet, though it is overgrown with vegetation. At pinch points, paint damage is all but guaranteed. Single lane, with little to no room to turn around, this trail passes several springs in the area. With all the water, trees, barberry bushes, scrub brush, and cacti abound on the hillsides. There are a couple of sporadic campsites along the trail, though not enough room for more than a couple of tightly parked rigs. 2 bars of LTE are all along this trail, so connectivity is available. Take your time to look down some of the canyons to the beautiful valley view below.


This is an uneven, rutted dirt trail with the potential for loose rocks and sandy washes. Water crossings less than a foot deep. Potential for mud holes and trail obstacles up to 12", including ledges and short, steep grades. Roads are typically one vehicle wide with places to pass.

Technical Rating