USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway West

Total Miles


293.76 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

USFSR #515 Watts Mtwy West begins on Mellon Bridge Road near Choccolocco Lake #11, more commonly known to the locals as Hillabee Water Shed. It is a very scenic drive, but has a few spots sure to test out the 4WD. From loose rock to rutted out mud holes, this trail will be one to remember. The West trail does indeed connect to the East trail, however, according to the US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Map it is designed to end before the private property. The private property gives right-of-way to traffic allowing this trail a different level of riding. There are short, deep creek crossings, low lying limbs and rutted out short steep grades that may even require the use of 4WD low. This trail is technically only open from 10/01-02/29 for hunting season, however it is occasionally left open for parts of the summer.

Photos of USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway West

USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway West
USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway West
USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway West


Most of the trail is an easy ride but does feature some of the more challenging obstacles to say, someone not as well acclimated to off road terrain. There are two creek crossings that are short and deep causing approach and departure angles requiring a decent amount of lift and a good functioning 4wd system. There is also two instances on the trail that have up to a 12" rut that is inevitable as you will slide into it, especially vehicles with a wider wheel base.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The trailhead is easy to pass as it is around a curve. It is helpful to have the OnX App running as it is true to location to slow up for the entrance.

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