USFSR #512 Ivory Mountain

Total Miles


398.75 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

USFSR #512 Ivory Mountain is a small summit inside the Talladega National Forest and now hosts the spring walk in the Turkey hunt. This area features gradual rolling hills with many trails cut throughout it. It begins on USFSR #591 at a large "Y" shaped opening. This trail is an easy trail that strolls through lowlands with shady canopies and open straightaways that will leave a cloud of dust behind you. The soil consists of crushed shale and mica, leaving a silty, almost sandy-like feel.


While this trail is very easy, there are two spots that have water washouts that could be difficult for a 2WD, especially in the heavy rains. Overall, it is a very smooth trail that is perfect to take the family out on.

Technical Rating