Rattlesnake Green Trail

Total Miles


238.77 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time


Trail Overview

This is a great beginners' trail. It has just about all types of obstacles but they are perfect for first-time off-roaders or those just learning. It is stock friendly and has many beautiful areas along the trail to stop and see. Many places along this trail show newer off-roaders just how capable their vehicles are. There are some areas where the articulation of the suspension will be tested but don't worry the obstacle will not cause you to flip. There are a few creek crossings that have rock bottoms so no worries about getting bogged down. This trail ends close to the beginning of a steep loose rock hill that makes you decide the right line to get up on the first try. And always watch for the bull!


Some areas will test the articulation of your vehicle and the water areas can be slick when exiting the water with can require more throttle to make it out.

Technical Rating