Laguna Santa Maria De Oro Volcano Lake Loop

Total Miles


788.24 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This bumpy dirt road run is a scenic route that encircles a lake, formed by the dormant volcano. The rustic road boasts a varying width, spanning from one to two vehicles wide, and spans the entirety of the lake's circumference from the point where the pavement ends until it rejoins the road near the center of a quaint and charming small community. Along this picturesque path, several campgrounds, restaurants, and lodges are nestled, providing ample opportunities to take a break and soak in the stunning natural vistas. A short journey that blends some off-road exploration with the serenity of natural beauty.


This is not a difficult trail. 4x4 is not necessary.


The oldest and most known legend of the site tells that this lagoon was born as a result of forbidden love. There was a city called Michiztlan where the beautiful daughter of King Tepozilama lived. One day she went out for a walk with her ladies. He caught sight of a wounded deer, approached him to take care of him and suddenly Pintontli, a young warrior, questioned him what he was doing. When they saw each other, they were enormously in love even though their cities were enemies. When Tepozilama's father discovered that his daughter was secretly seeing Prince Pintontli, he ordered both of them tied up without eating. Then the tears of the two lovers filled the current lake.The crater of the Santa Maria del Oro lake was formed by the fall of an aerolite in the Sierra Madre Occidental. Locals for years claimed that the bottom of the lagoon had never been found. History told that in the center of the lagoon, perhaps, because it is a crater, the orifice that had been formed into a channel that would probably cross deep layers of the Earth. A recent UNAM study, however, has shown that the bottom of the lake is 60 m.

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Access Description

From Tepic take the road to Santa Maria De Oro. Pass through the larger town of that name (get any supplies here) and continue to Laguna Santa Maria De Oro which will take you down into the dormant volcano.

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