San Vicente to Ejido Erendira

Total Miles


111.09 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail takes you from San Vicente to Ejido Erendira, following the wash. After leaving Highway One, you'll exit San Vicente in around 5 or 6 blocks and start making your way through ranches and small towns. As you continue, the surroundings become more remote, but you'll always be within a mile of some form of human habitation. The main road is easily passable with a 2WD drive vehicle, but it does split into multiple options at times. Some sections resemble typical Baja race routes with uneven terrain and deep sand, which might pose difficulties for 2WD vehicles. It's important to be aware of this. For the last 2-3 miles, the road runs parallel to a paved road that follows the wash into Ejido Erendira. This route is useful if you want to catch the middle of the beach route or restock from the beach route without reinflating your tires. Overall, this trail offers a pleasant and accessible option for exploring the San Vicente to Ejido Erendira route. It gradually takes you away from urban areas, but you'll always have some nearby habitation. Just keep in mind the potential challenges on certain sections of the road if you're driving a 2WD vehicle.

Photos of San Vicente to Ejido Erendira

San Vicente to Ejido Erendira
San Vicente to Ejido Erendira
San Vicente to Ejido Erendira


Be aware if you are a 2WD vehicle there are some sections of the Baja Racecourse with whoops and heavy sand. This difficulty level is considered dry or normal conditions. This is a canyon-bottom river bed so this route is not recommended in rainy season or during stormy weather.

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Access Description

The trailhead starts in San Vicente two blocks off of the pavement and intersects the Santo Tomas to Vicente Guerrero route in Ejido Erendira.

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