La Rumorosa Trail

Total Miles


1230.12 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Historic road through the Sierra Juarez that connects the town of La Rumorosa down to the desert below. The 25-mile route contains a dozen tight switchbacks (a couple requiring three-point turns), a couple of tight spots for full-size rigs, and lots of exposure. It pays off with spectacular views and occasional sightings of bighorn sheep and/or California Condors. This is a tight, one-lane road and is popular with local hikers, mountain bikers, and UTV users traveling in both directions. The bottom of the road ends in a rocky wash where yearly storms can change the route conditions. Be prepared to stack rocks to negotiate boulder fields. On the Eastern end, the track changes to sandy whoops and then connects to tracks through the Laguna Salada, the Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs route, and points further South.


The trail ranges between a 4 - 6 when dry.

Technical Rating