Summer Lake

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1542.71 ft


1.25 Hours

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Trail Overview

Summer Lakes is an amazing lake hidden behind Mount Fisher. Summer Lake has a free public recreation site with camping areas. You will need to bring a VHF Radio as the roads are narrow in sections and you must call depending on the instructions posted by the logging services at the start. Following alongside the Bull River you travel up a well-maintained Forest Service Road (FSR), At around 17 miles (27km) the Bull River FSR splits and you want to follow the Summer Lake FSR. Once on the Summer Lake FSR, the road is maintained but to a lower level, so expect some holes, washboards, ruts, and fallen rock on the trail. At the 22-mile (35km) mark you will start to gain elevation all the way to the lake. 3740 ft @ 22 miles 5040 ft @ 32 miles. Non-4WD vehicles would be able to reach this lake for the majority of the summer months. The colder months would need 4WD as the elevation brings in the snow on the trail. When the water level of the lake is low be careful driving around the lake as you can end up bogged in.


Narrow (single-wide) shelf roads have no space for passing, you would possibly need to back out to let someone through.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Fort Steele, Follow the Wardner Fort Steele Road and you will see a small car park starting on Bull River Road. From there you can follow the trail.