Side Bay from Port Alice

Total Miles


647.51 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

There are 76 kilometers of Forest Service roads from Port Alice to Side Bay on the West coast of Vancouver Island. The road is mixed gravel and dirt with varying conditions along the way. Conditions range from well-maintained gravel to loose rock on some of the climbs. Some areas near Side Bay look like they recently had some washouts but have all been repaired. There are some amazing views along the way. This is an active logging road with lots of big logging trucks going fast! Use a radio to call out your KM and stay on your side of the trail.


This is doable in 2wd. The biggest challenges are on some of the steep climbs that have lose gravel and rocks.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Head to Port Alice off of Highway 19 and drive thru town and past the mill site. The road continues along here - pretty easy to navigate