Proctor Lake Rd

Total Miles


1388.55 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Proctor Lake road is an old Quarry and logging road on Silverstar Mountain that is no longer active. It branches off the second switchback when heading up the mountain to the ski hill and provincial park. The road has a lot of rough terrain with many potholes and is doable in a car, but you would have to take your time. There are several spur roads, but they are short, and most end with a gate, or the vegetation has grown thick, making it difficult to drive through. The lake has a nice area for camping if you want to be away from the provincial campgrounds as it is quite secluded.


Road can be accessed with a 2 wheel drive car. large potholes that are mostly avoidable but would have to take it slow on some. the overall condition of the road is not difficult.

Technical Rating