Pavillion Pass

Total Miles


1572.64 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Pavillion Pass is a route that connects Highway 97 to Highway 99 as it is a through road. The route does pass through a Reserve Community so access to this area may be restricted at times but communication is key to gaining access. You climb over the hillside and follow along some transmission line corridors with stunning views of the glacier mountains off in the distance. There are a lot of farmlands and grazing tenures along the way but you end up accessing Kelly Lake which has a small campground on the north side of the Lake.


Most of the route is fairly easy to drive. Once you get to the last few miles it transverses down the side of the mountain with some tighter switchbacks that have some washed out sections and very steep side slopes. Access down the mountain side is closed during the winter months due to the terrain.

Technical Rating