Deadman FSR

Total Miles


889.78 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Deadman FSR is a beautiful and well-maintained road that navigates through some reserve lands as well as ranch lands. The road is in good shape as there are residential areas in some locations. After traveling up this route for 22 miles we encountered a complete washout of the road. The goal of this route is to reach Deadman Falls which is a well-known and very large waterfall that is a must-see place. We will be heading back to this location and will provide an update when the road is open again as it will be a featured route that will not disappoint. This area was ravaged by a massive wildfire back in 2021 which destroyed a lot of the vegetation and has had an adverse effect on a lot of sections of the road. Most of the areas have been repaired however there is still a lot of work to do. Construction crews are active and continue working on these repairs. The current route will pass by 2 recreational campsites that are also closed due to the damage caused by the wildfires for the time being.


The gravel road is well maintained however the route is under construction repairing washouts, landslides, and bridges throughout.

Technical Rating