Garland Bay North Rec Site

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686.64 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

Garland Bay North Rec Site is North of Riondel BC, on the East side of Kootenay Lake. From Riondel follow the "Riondel North Road" until the start of the off-road section of the trail. Start on the "Powder Forest Service Road". Taking a UHF radio is advised as that is an active logging road with multiple trucks in and out daily. [Radio Channel RR-12 ]. As part of the trail is an active logging road the road conditions vary from day to day. Some boggy rutted sections in the spring and fall (Wet season). Expect snow in the winter months and very little use of the FSR in the winter so 4X4 is a must. The North Rec Site is approximately 9.5km from the start of the FSR, which vehicles are able to use for camping down on the beach area. The South rec site is approximately 8.5km from the start of the FSR and the only access to the beach area is walking with multiple tent camping spots. In the winter months it is not recommended to use these recs sites as there are steep descents with shelf roads into these Rec Sites and with the deep snow on this road, a higher risk of sliding down.


Some sections are very rutted from logging trucks, take it slow. 4x4 in the Winter months is recommended.

Technical Rating