Bouleau Lake FSR to Whitemann Creek FSR

Total Miles


739.2 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This route is about half of the distance from the other option. It is on a narrower and higher elevation road with steep sections along the way. This access road to the lake will need to be repaired, as there was a landslide approximately 2km into the road with no option to go around. The road was blocked with timber and marked as it is an impossible section to cross. There was a connecting route that took you out in another direction called Whiteman Creek Road. The section was freshly created due to the fires in the region to gain access to an existing road.


Steep grades and drop offs along the route with mud/rutting and fair sized potholes. Car not recommended but SUV and trucks would have no issue on this route.

Technical Rating