Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail

Total Miles


1,194.99 ft


168 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail is one of the most challenging overland routes in North America. The trail can take 1-2 weeks to complete, depending on the amount of deadfall on the trail that needs to be cleared. It is not uncommon to have to clear hundreds of trees in order to make your way through the trail. Several chainsaws, extra chains, and lots of chainsaw fuel will be required. Additionally, each vehicle will need to carry around 150 liters of extra fuel, as the start of the trail is far from the closest gas station, and the length of the trail is extreme. If you run out of fuel, there are a couple of places you can exit and drive back to a gas station to refill jerry cans, but you are looking at 4 hours or so round trip. The optimal time to do this trail is in August, as water levels in the blackwater river are low enough to safely cross. Be aware though that the Blackwater River is still a challenging crossing. If you have to stop in the middle, you risk losing your vehicle to the current. Snorkels are highly recommended. The trail is heavily overgrown in many sections, at times almost impossible to locate without a GPS route or drone to survey the terrain ahead. The mosquitos here are massive, and you WILL get eaten alive. Bug net and lots of bug spray are recommended. Just after Kluskus village, DO NOT take the route to the right (original trail) and instead bypass this section to the left for a few miles. The trail to the right is EXTREMELY dangerous, as there is not much road left and it is on a steep cliff edge. A truck at the bottom of the cliff that rolled years ago killed the driver and a cross can be found at the site. At Eliguk Lake, take the left fork and follow the trail until a difficult-to-see branch off to the right, and follow this route out. Past Eliguk Lake Lodges the trail is heavy with deadfall, and basically impassible. The native village on the other side does not want 4x4s passing through, as per the owner of the Eliguk lake lodge, who highly discouraged it. This trail is not to be taken lightly. If you run out of food, water, fuel, chainsaws, etc, you could very easily be stranded with no hope of rescue. A satellite communications device is a must.

Photos of Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail

Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail
Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail
Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail


This trail doesn't feature massive rock obstacles, but it is very remote. This trail has deep water crossings, significant mud, and crumbling off-camber trail sections, requires you to carry extra fuel, and will almost certainly necessitate chainsaws and winches. This route is a significant undertaking, not your average trail run.

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Xi Li Peng
Apr 11, 2024

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