The Complete Package for Western Hunting Research

Monthly billing available

Monthly billing available

The Complete Package for Your Western Hunting Needs

onX is excited to unite three leading companies to give you the complete package for planning and researching your Western hunt, drawing more tags, and finding more success in the field. Now as part of your onX Elite Membership you will also receive access to two more industry-leading companies—Huntin’ Fool and Toprut—for free. Use Huntin’ Fool’s on-the-ground hunting research alongside Toprut’s precise draw odds to help both plan trips and draw more tags for your Western hunts. 

Here are some of the top reasons to use onX, Huntin’ Fool, and Toprut together to be more successful this year.

Core Features

Public/Private Land Ownership E-MagazineDraw Odds
3D MappingApplication ResearchAdvanced Filtering
GPS ToolsTag Holder ListHunting Statistics


MembershiponX Elite Members Pay
onX Hunt Elite$99.99
Huntin’ FoolFREE ($48.00 Value)
ToprutFREE ($19.99 Value)

onX Hunt 

Get an edge on Western hunting research with the most intelligent and accurate GPS mapping tool for hunters. Scout from your computer then turn your phone into a handheld GPS unit that shows private and public lands, hunt units, 3D maps, weather, and much more.

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Private/Public Lands

onX features the most accurate and up-to-date property lines available. Find clearly-marked property boundaries, public and private landowner names and more with onX Hunt’s GPS tracking. Our proprietary data collection, analysis, and layering methods handled by our Geographic Information System (GIS) team give you the most accurate and up-to-date maps available on all devices—in one single place.

3D Maps

Plan, scout, and hunt in 3D Mode. Understanding the lay of the land is a critical factor in the success of your hunt, and when you use onX Hunt’s 3D Maps on your desktop when e-scouting and planning, you gain an understanding of the landscape and how animals will move across it—and where you need to be. With 3D Maps, planning and scouting from home gets you as close as possible to actually being on the ground.

GPS Tools

The onX Hunt App turns your phone into a fully-functioning GPS by using the GPS tracker built into your device. You can download offline maps before leaving the signal area, preparing the app (and your GPS location) to function anywhere, anytime—even when you leave service. You’ll even see a blue dot showing your current location. Use the App to track your route, saving Waypoints and Tracks along the way.

Huntin’ Fool

For 25 years, Huntin’ Fool has been helping hunters go on more hunts with better information.  Anyone planning Western hunts will want to utilize Huntin’ Fool’s boots-on-the-ground research and planning tools. Below are three of the top reasons to take advantage of your free Digital Research Membership from Huntin’ Fool.

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Huntin’ Fool’s foundation is built upon an industry-leading monthly magazine, packed with hunting research, stories, gear insights, and more. The content of every issue is strategically aligned with state application periods so members can use it as a real-time application strategy planner.

Application Research

Huntin’ Fool has two simple and effective features designed to help with application season. Each state’s application system is different, making it confusing to know when to apply and how much it costs. 

1. First, Huntin’ Fool has set up a calendar and notifications system for each state’s applications openings and deadlines, helping you never miss a deadline. 

2. Second, a new Draw Cost calculator helps hunters review the cost associated with applying and drawing a tag in each state. Simply input the state and species you want to hunt, and it will give you a preview of the application costs.

Previous Tag Holder List

When you finally get your hands on a great tag, you want to enlist all possible help to make the most of the opportunity. At the end of the day nothing beats boots-on-the-ground experience, and that’s why Huntin’ Fool began connecting hunters with each other through a Member Draw Database. This database is more than 20 years old, and has grown to become the largest of its kind, containing more than 25,000 chances to connect hunters with members who have hunted the same tag in the past. Use the tool to get first-hand knowledge about potential animals locations, camping spots, water sources, and other valuable information from people who have previously held that tag.


Toprut is an online tool designed to help hunters research, plan, and apply for hunts and tags each year. The information provided includes draw odds, hunt quotas, applicant totals, and harvest information. If you’re planning hunts in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, or Wyoming, then Toprut is a tool you need in your arsenal.  Here are three of the top reasons to take advantage of your free Toprut membership.

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Draw Odds

It’s imperative to understand your chances of drawing a tag based on how many points you have. Toprut goes the extra mile to obtain detailed data from the state wildlife agencies in order to generate the most meaningful and accurate results. Often, this information is not available for download by the general public and is only available for a fee. That is at the core of what Toprut does: gather, analyze, and publish the state draw data in order to produce the most accurate draw odds available anywhere.

Advanced Filtering

Once you have decided on a state and species to hunt, you can use Toprut’s advanced filtering tool to customize the filter based on your individual data. Customize the filter for your residency, drawing type, and number of preference points. You can filter even further with the percent of draw odds you prefer, what seasons dates you want to hunt, and what percent of public land is available in that hunting unit. 

Hunting Statistics

Toprut has pulled in additional hunting information such as the total number of tags for each unit and success rates. It’s also possible to view historical data such as the historic number of points needed to draw in a certain unit.

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The Complete Package for Your Western Hunting Needs

Monthly billing available

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