Elevate Your Rifle Game

We’ve partnered with Vortex Optics and Seekins Precision to offer a comprehensive curriculum for Western Big Game and Whitetail rifle shooters. Hone your technique and capitalize on your shot opportunities in the field with a free rifle course, crafted exclusively for onX Hunt Elite Members.

Western Shooting Course

Whitetail Shooting Course

onX Hunt Employee: Dylan Dowson

This course will improve all aspects of your shooting, increase your confidence behind your rifle, and ultimately help you fill more tags and freezers. If you can’t make the shot count in the moment of truth, you’ll only have missed opportunities to tell about. I think that honing your skills and practicing real hunting scenario shots are two of the most overlooked and most important things you can do to prepare for your hunt. This course, taught by experts in the category, covers everything from basic fundamentals to shooting positions that you’ve never thought of and everything in between.

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