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Looking to take your elk calling to the next level? Learn from the experts at Born and Raised Outdoors with an exclusive eight-video course—free for onX Hunt Elite Members. This Elite course covers topics from picking the right call for you to the varied calling strategies you should use in different nuanced hunting scenarios.

Table of Contents

Elk Calling Course

  • Chapter 1: How To Pick the Right Elk Reed for You and How To Get Started
  • Chapter 2: External Cow Calls and When To Use Them
  • Chapter 3: How to Bugle, Chuckle, and Lip Bawl
  • Chapter 4: How We Locate and Approach Bulls
  • Chapter 5: Calling Strategy in Thick vs. Open Country 
  • Chapter 6: Cold Calling Silent or Non-Responsive Bulls
  • Chapter 7: Calling Solo vs. With a Team 
  • Chapter 8: What To Do When a Bull Is Hung Up

onX Hunt Employee: Dylan Dowson

This course will improve your elk calling, increase your confidence in the woods, and make you a more successful elk hunter. I hunted elk for years without investing the time to work on and perfect my calling only to have it hinder my abilities and ruin opportunities during elk season. Spending the time to improve your calling will pay off, and there is no better way to get the knowledge that you need than this course.

A hunter using a bugle tube.

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