E-Scouting Western Big Game with onX Hunt

E-scouting using onX Hunt on your computer is a great way to get a head start before hitting the hills.
Casey’s daughter drew a once-in-a-lifetime moose tag. Follow along as HUSHIN dives into the onX tools they’re using to help her find a mature bull.
We sat down with onX Ambassador Remi Warren to learn more about his preseason e-scouting routine using the onX Hunt Web Map and Hunt App.
Kody Kellom walks hunters through his best advice for e-scouting, navigating public and private land, and tips and tricks before your hunt.
Explore the basics of topography, and how to make topographic maps your ally when hunting elk in the mountains.
Invest time scouting and hunting historic burn areas this year—you might be surprised by what you find.
Planning your first hunt out West? You’re going to need to do some scouting. Here is what you need to know to make the best of your pre-trip research.
Pennsylvania hunter and onX Ambassador Beau Martonik shares his strategy for planning the DIY (do-it-yourself) backcountry elk hunt hunt of a lifetime from across the country.
Bring the heat to your scouting with these expert tips from seasoned hunter Remi Warren.
Topography: one of the most beneficial tools for locating bulls, and Remi Warren’s secret weapon. Topography tells a story and reveals clues about where the elk may be hiding.