Find Hiking Trails and Camping Spots Near You

Trails and Rec Points

onX Hunt provides all the features you need to find hiking trails and camping spots near you. We’ve mapped hundreds of thousands of state and federal recreation sites and hiking trails to help you get outside in your area or plan trips throughout the country. Start a free 7-day trial today to take advantage of all that onX Hunt offers.

Find Campgrounds and Campsites Near You

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  • Fishing Access Spots and Access Points
  • RV Campgrounds and OHV Trails
  • Hot Springs, Waterfalls and Scenic Views

Find Hiking Trails Near You

Easily identify nearby hiking trails.

View clearly-marked trail distances.

Use color-coded trail slopes to measure trail difficult.

No Cell Service Required

Save an Offline Map before your adventure to access your maps even when cell service is miles behind you. A blue dot will indicate your location whether you have service or not.

Track Your Hike

onX Hunt’s Tracking feature allows you to record your path as you travel and saves it on your map. Need to find your way back to the trailhead? The Tracking feature has you covered.

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